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The concept of Strategies International, as a "Boutique-Agency" is based on the power to deliver services and logistics of a large sized agency through a human-sized dimension, integrating a "tailor-made" set of services for each unique client.
Our Values

Strategies International is a communications agency that has always believed in the diversity of cultures, and is hosting seven nationalities to reflect the wealth of the human nature within its team. This natural practice was never dictated by the laws or by the legal obligations but only by what naturally generates wealth and efficiency: the interaction of talents and cultures.

Our efficiency builds on the fact that we all complete each other.

The Team

A "tailor-made"
client servicing

Strategies International crafts a personalized service, based on an accurate analysis of our clients needs

Integrity and Confidentiality

We manage budgets with the utmost sense of responsibility and pledge the confidentiality of our clients projects.


We adopt a crystal clear transparency approach in our relations with both clients and suppliers.

Culture of the Agency

The culture of the Agency is driven by a team of professionals with unlimited talents, utmost dedication and know-how.

Best Practice

Our ultimate and sustained goal is to provide our clients with state-of-the-art technologies in the communication fields.

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MARKET KNOWLEDGE Luxury Brands Knowledge Integration
Luxury Brands Knowledge Integration

Strategies International has gained over
25 years of practice in the management of major luxury brands' communication budgets in the Middle East, and is recognized as a key player in this industry.

Cosmetics, Perfumery, Watch making, Jewellery, Fashion, Leather accessories
and Lingerie. From its headquarters in Paris, the capital of fashion and glamour, Strategies International is constantly monitoring new trends.


Our thorough knowledge of the Middle East has given us full confidence in bringing out solutions for the communication needs of luxury brands. These solutions are always in harmony with the culture and the constraints of this part of the world.

Strategies International is the only agency
in the market providing a comprehensive double proximity service to the brands.

Paris Headquarters

Proximity of the marketing services with the European companies.

Dubai Branch

Proximity with both the market and its key players in the region.

MARKET KNOWLEDGE Luxury Brands Knowledge

As craftsmen of the communication business, we integrate our knowledge of the industry with the markets, and offer our clients a privileged coaching service, in their communication strategies across the Middle East.

DIGITAL / ONLINE TRADITIONAL MEDIA Community Management Creative Department Public Relations
TRADITIONAL MEDIA Community Management Creative Department Public Relations

The Digital department offers the following services:

  • Assessment of the brands' digital needs
  • Qualitative monitoring of the competitor brands.
  • Analysis of the online visibility of the brand
  • Think tank, recommendations and implementation of creative online strategies matching the traditional communication processes
  • Optimized media buying
  • Real time analysis of the evolution of the campaign and fine tuning
DIGITAL / ONLINE Community Management Creative Department Public Relations

Strategies International manages the entire process of both traditional and online media services:

  • Strategic think tank
  • Qualitative and quantitative monitoring of the competitors
  • Creative design of the media operations
  • Recommendations and planning
  • Optimized media negotiation & media buying
  • Qualitative and quantitative follow-up of the campaigns' implementation and results
  • Analysis and reporting
DIGITAL / ONLINE TRADITIONAL MEDIA Creative Department Public Relations
  • Activation and management of all social network pages like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram etc.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Google Adwords campaigns management
DIGITAL / ONLINE TRADITIONAL MEDIA Community Management Public Relations
  • Design and development of
    advertising campaigns
  • Multilingual adaptation & production
    across all media platforms

  • -  Print
  • -  Audio-visual
  • -  Outdoor
  • -  Online

DIGITAL / ONLINE TRADITIONAL MEDIA Community Management Creative Department

The PR arm of Strategies International offers specialized public relations consultancy and services. We operate out of Paris and Dubai, with both offices exclusively servicing the Middle East. Our expertise in the industry of luxury goods in this region allows us to deliver strategic and effective PR counsel across the Middle East, in line with our clients' requirements and objectives. Our unique understanding of the Middle East region and its media landscape enables us to develop effectively localized PR strategies and plans, to help our clients reach their target audience.

We pride ourselves on our strong and close network with local and regional media houses, privileged relationships that we have built across the years with major Pan-Arab media through our Paris head office, and our proven track record in building long-term ties between our brands and media channels.

  • PR consultancy, strategy and planning
  • Media relations
  • Press event management
  • English, Arabic and French copywriting
  • Media monitoring, analysis and reporting

Paris Headquarter

14 rue d'Orléans
92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

T +33 1 55 62 09 80

F +33 1 47 22 06 36


Dubai Media City
Aurora Tower, Office 1001
Dubai, U.A.E.
P.O. Box 36216

T +971 4 557 99 15

F +971 4 557 99 16



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